Monday, 16 February 2009

Wales- trust yer compass

Saturday, ok weather, snow on the ground up a little higher, took crampons and axes just in case. 

I borrowed nics rucsac as mine wasnt really up to spec to carry winter gear. I was expecting to run or go absurdly light. Wandered out from Capel Curig with Sasmojo and West over to get to Tryfan. 

Went over a couple of hills and through a bog or two. I was most surprised and concerned to find my Scarpa Charmoz GTX's were leaking. Right boot, just over the toe, and that was within about 10 mins of starting. As a side note, I shall be testing these out at home in controlled circumstances... not a happy bunny as they arent even 3 months old yet. 

We got to the ridge before tryfan, glorious in its snowiness, and started to decend over to the saddle when the clag came in. We veered left- south, and by my compass we ended up going East. 

After looking at the ground we were on, and comparing it to the map, it was decided that the compass was wrong and we would continue on course .. the rocks MUST have been tampering with my compass. Not withstanding the other compass said the same, as did my Forerunner. Went along with it, to see what would happen, and where we would end up- which was patently not going to be Tryfan. 

After going around in a circle, we came across a stonewall and a river, and got our bearings back, hiked back up the hill to the place where we were about 1.5 hours previously. 

By this time, My foot was wet. Nasty wet, and I really didnt fancy going on tryfan in the snow with a cold wet foot- so we trudged back home again, making excellent time. 

In all, it was about 18km over 5hrs 10 mins or so. With an excellent navigational exercise thrown in. 


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