Tuesday, 4 November 2008

easy 6.36

Just a short jog today, out with cyclops.
Left knee felt a little dodgy this morning- a pain on the outside, just below the kneecap.
twinged a little throughout the day, but nothing serious.

Took a route over Blackheath,
average pace of 5.46m per km
average heart rate of 141. Considering my max hr was 159...

a little chilly, but not too bad, was barely sweating, but a good jog. easy talking pace.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

beasted on the south downs

went out yesterday, South Downs with Rob.
wet, cold, windy.
3hours 37 mins, 24.24km.,
total ascent, 1005m,
total descent, 1010m
average HR, 136
Max HR, 171
average pace, 8.58mins per km

went through 10 geo bars and a sugar bomb- burning more calories in the cold, it seems.
nearly hypothermic by the time we got back, couldnt feel hands and could barely hold anything.
let alone a conversation.

could have been interesting if we didnt get back to Brighton quickly.
seriously, totally knackered, and did nothing today (sunday)

so I havent yet worked out how to create an image of my training log to embed on here...

as and when I manage to do it, I'll add more complex stuff on.