Sunday, 22 February 2009


Went off geocaching with cyclops on Saturday.
Beautiful day for a walk, so we took a train down to Boxhill. On the way down, we programmed in co-ordinates to our Forerunners, and marked them down on a 1:25k map.

There was a series called Snow white, had to find 7 dwarves, each of which had a number on it, put all together, they added up to give the ref for Snow White.
Spent an enjoyable 5 hours or so romping around boxhill and the surrounding countryside, at times bashing through ferns and brambles, and at others, wandering down sun dappled paths (could barely believe it was February).
Found all the ones we wanted to, and had a slightly fast walk to the end to catch a train. But caught the thing, which was good.

All in all, it was about 15km, in boots with a pack. Didnt get lost, only really used the GPS when we got within itching distance of the target.
Its actually quite a good map reading exercise, which might have uses for adventure racing.
good day out though.

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