A concept for people around Glossop- simply because I live here. (or even those who aren't).
Winter Offroad Anytime Time Trials. 
Basically, in the winter, I sometimes find it difficult to get out and train, and I know a number of other people do as well. 

So here is the idea. 

You get a start point and and end point, and a couple of other points inbetween that you have to visit. You can go any way you want - ensuring legality at all times- not jumping over walls and all that malarky. It can be an exercise in going as fast as you can, as direct as you can, including the most amount of climb that you can, taking the most interesting and picturesque route that you can, whatever. 
The main thing is, its a route that you may not necessarily have thought of, and its up to you to do it as you wish. 

After a suggestion, I will also be including some On Road Trials as well. 

Let me know when you've done it, and send me a gpx trace if you want and I'll put it up on here if you wish. If not, I'll just keep a spreadsheet of times/distances/height gained/ weather/ light conditions etc and once the spring comes around and we all start racing properly again, I'll make some arbitrary decisions as to who deserves prizes, and might then hand out flapjack and chocolate biscuit cake. If you are fastest you might get some credit, but you won't necessarily get a prize. 

Obviously, if you choose to do any of these, you do so at your own volition, be sensible, don't do anything daft, make sure you know how to get home, carry a torch, don't get run over, carry a survival blanket and all the things that make us intelligent runners, and not people who call out Mountain Rescue. 
Good luck.


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