Monday, 16 February 2009

Running in Wales

Sunday 15th Feb was a good day for a run.
Started out from Capel Curig at 10ish, and took the trail to the west that runs parallel to the road. After 4km, crossed the road and went up into the hills. After a while, bog ensued.
I missed the standing stone I was looking for but hit a catching feature- the stream that ran to the lake, and followed that. Rain happened, but really, not much of an issue.
Really getting into it by the time I got to the lake, up and around it, and then up a hill that was covered in heather. That was my slowest lap- open access, but no paths, so just heather bashing. that was about 2 hours in, and I had my second geo bar.
Topped out and followed a fence line, down until I hit the wood, which was excellent, mud, bog, tree roots and trees that had fallen over which had to be jumped, proper running.
Got slightly lost at one point, but backtracked and corrected myself within 5 mins, and careered onward down through the trees, over a river, passed a house and went back up over a saddle. The final part was all track, a mixture of stones, rock and river which took me right back to the house.
3hrs 7 mins, 24 km, average pace 8mins per km and average of 150bpm.
Also used a thumb compass, which I havent used before, turned out to be excellent.
only ate 3 geobars for the whole thing, went through maybe 1.5l of normal water, minor pain in the left knee, took Ibuprofen at about 15km, started to feel slightly tired at 21km.
A seriously excellent run.

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