Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Out with the Harriers

So, out with the Glossopdale lot this evening for a pleasant run up and over winhill.
There were a good few of us out, and a fast early pace was set- looking at about sub 4:30 and extended periods of sub 4min kms.
I have to admit at this stage that I was at the front and setting the pace... well, I was trying to keep up with Dan and Julien actually, which I did quite well at the beginning.

The hill was a slightly different matter, and the stretched out in front of me, Paul overtook me on the early part of the climb, but I managed to keep my steady plod going for longer than him, and I got back going up the steeper part of win hill, eventually arriving at the top about 30-40 seconds behind Dan, who was about 10 after Julien.
That boy can run.

The downhill was interesting as we took a bit of a detour and didn't go down the main path, bashing through some heather and following a trod down to the north of the main path- I was too busy trying not to be blinded by the sun and not tripping over to accurately notice exactly where we were, and the pace was being kept well in the 3:50- 4:20 bracket, which I was really beginning to feel.
I think thats just about on the cusp of my aerobic/anaerobic threshold, and is a pace that I need to learn to sustain almost indefinitely on level and slopey ground.

On the way down there was a beautiful descent, through some old ruined farms, and some delightful glades.
The whole thing was capped off with a vicious little ascent at the end, which proved that I still had a bit left in my legs.
Good run, the route is linked here.

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