Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Running home again

Was wondering whether to run home last night, what with a twitch in my left knee. It seemed to work itself out over the day though.
I think it was an instability twitch- caused by the mass offroad session over the weekend, rather than a shock caused one from excessive running. Still, going to keep a weather eye on it and not do anythin silly.

It was quite warm coimng home- with the featherlite on it was nearly too hot. No, make that it WAS too hot, I just didn't want to stop and take it off.

Masses of traffic around as well. Very glad I don't drive in central london. As it was, I swear I was getting carbon monoxide poisoning...

Thought I'd take it nice and easy, chilling out and not massively trying.

Still, managed 7.2km in 35 mins
4.57min perkm on average

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