Thursday, 26 February 2009

Chris sharma- lecture

Went to a lecture by Chris Sharma last night at the Arch bouldering wall.
Loads of people waiting in the normal bit, and the lecture was through a little door into the section which divides the wall in 2.
There was no way iin which ThAT many people could have fit into that space.
However, after quite some time, we were allowed in, went through and through a candle lit tunnel, into another railway arch, a cavernous place with a load of chairs out, a white painted wall, small stage and more candles.
Very atmospheric, especially with dust falling from the ceiling as trains went overhead.

Chris walked in, grabbed the mic and proceeded to amble to the projecter, right next to where I was sitting. So I spent the entire thing pretty much sat next to him.

The amount of stuff he's done is quite astonishing, obviously he's incredibly talented- sheesh- climbing 5.14 when he was 14, that ait bad.

The thing that came out most was just to have fun in everything that you do. Be psyched. Be motivated. Find something that motivates you, don't be jealous of things that other people are doing, be stoked for them, ebcourage them, but don't forget about the stuff that you do.
Make it fun and you will be motivated, fun = inspiration and motivation.
Excellent evening.

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