Tuesday, 3 February 2009

no. I really hate gyms

Well, because of the snow that fell yesterday, and the evening before that, I decided that its really not a cunning idea to run outside.
I mean, I know Im pathologically averse to gyms, however, I figured that its better to do something you really hate, than go for a run in the snow and injure yourself. As we all know, being injured is the worst thing you can do, as you get fat, demotivated and generally screwed over.
So I went to the gym. Did about 15 mins on the treadmill at 11km, and 15 mins on the biking machine (reclining) average HR at 156, (155 on the treadmill and 157 on the bike).
It was a very do-able pace on the mill- but totally mind numbing, and I also felt a slight twinge in my plantar fascia, so stopped after 15 mins.
reclining bike was ok, but, again, boring. I actually found it getting harder at about the 10 min mark as my mind started wandering. Like, really hard.
Wierdly enough, as I started concentrating on my legs, and really putting some effort into it, it got a whole lot easier.
No wonder gyms hurt. I cant concentrate long enough to actually make it interesting.
Interesting. I need to keep up the concentration and the pain wont happen. Or maybe I'll just try even harder and end up destroying myself in half the time. There are no distance markers in the gym, so I guess Im going to have to use HR markers instead.
On another note, i went to the hand specialist today. Got it x-rayed and I have a suspected hairline fracture of my thumb. so nothing for 6 weeks. Thats the medical opinion, so it looks like a whole lot of running for me then.

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