Injuries and the like

No one likes to be injured, so I've collated a selection of links to other blogs I've written about running injuries, rehab and prehab.

One of the reasons I could be better. General body control
Foot Pain and lack of racing - overdoing it across Kinder North Edge
Pre-Edale Skyline Knee issue- more of a hip problem, actually.
Shin Splints - a short introduction to what the different types are
Frozen Shoulder  - shoulder beginning to lose range? Check it isn't this
Shoulder Injuries - Part 1 an introduction to how the shoulder works- it's a pretty complex joint
And Breathe -  Why breathing is so important and how massage can help
What can we do for injury? Part 3: Chronic
What can we do for injury? Part 2: Sub-acute
What can we do for injury? Part 1: Acute
Overtraining- Something I have been very guilty of, at times.
An Overview of Sports and Remedial Massage and how it affects the body
ITBS- Illiotibial band syndrome
Update on ITBS - further thoughts on it once someone had responded to my previous post
Rehab for ankle sprains Written by fellow therapist Lynne Taylor
Avoiding ankle sprains- because no one WANTS to limp off a hill. 
Being confused about Plantar Fasciitis and Achillies tendonitis
Rest days. The least respected part of nearly everyones' training regime
Marathon Training- not my training, but another article written by Lynne
Diaphragmatic pain while running- I got it, and it hurts.
Diaphragmatic pain while running- treatment and prevention
Cycling and Sports Massage
Treating injuries- the RICE protocol
Plantar faciitis- can be the bane of a runners life
DOMS- Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness- what exactly is it?
Pain in the knee- what happened to me
Further thoughts on that knee
Gym Jones FDI seminar- London 2010

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