Sunday, 1 February 2009

marathon training 1

Out for a run on sat, just to see how far I could get, not a speed thing, though I had to keep reminding myself that as I was going along- trying not to go fast.
Harder than I thought.
Only managed to be out for about 1hr17mins, got around 15km.
average was 5.12mins per km, which really isnt bad, all things considered. However, i did feel really tired on the run.
It could have been because I was slightly dehydrated- notice a pattern going on here.
Keep Hydrated.
average hr was about 168, which seems a little high to me. All endurance races to date have been about 140-155 average- i suppose thats because of the constant starting and stopping. It'll be interesting to see the graphs over time.
I guess im going faster now than i am in the endurance races as well.
A little tired in the morning, but nothing serious. Need to make sure I dont run too much as I'll start doing my back in.

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