Wednesday, 11 February 2009

back to the grind

Despite my slight radio silence I have actually been going out for occassional small runs.
I was meant to have gone out over the weekend on the IOW, but ended up eating far too much and falling asleep in front of a fire, quite consistently.
However, I managed to overcome the apathy and rocked out last night around Blackheath. My Asics were wet from running to Explorers on Monday, so I wore my Inov8s and made sure I stayed on the grass as much as possible. Good to keep them soft, and in shape with my feet.
Ended up going around Blackheath, the whole thing 2 and a half times, 15.99km by the time I finally got back, 1hr 21 mins, thats averaging about 5.02mins per km.
I was averaging at under 5mins per km for the first 12km, and then slowed down some, though nothing too drastic.
Average heartrate at about 160bpm.

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