Saturday, 9 July 2011

To run, or not to run? That is the question.

So I have been monitoring my legs and how they feel for the past week after the 15 trigs. As I was going around I noticed that the only real soreness in them was coming from the adductors. This was from the repetitive leg action that I had to make going over heather and ankle sucking bogs.
Over the week, the pain has become more of a background discomfort, but rising to pain after significant exercise- like the Burpees, the run or, more recently just a walk.
As such I decided that rest was going to be the way forward and blew off the Hard day that was meant to be yesterday- a hill rep session- in preference for a walk. Today is much the same in terms of not going too hard at it. I have Recovery marked in- and also the fact there is a local race- Charlesworth- going on.
As much as this little 3 miler tempts me, I recall a footballer I treated a while ago. He started off with adductor discomfort and pain and continued playing. After a few weeks it turned into acute pain, and he ended up with tendinitis of Adductor Longus- in laymans terms- acute pain in the groin area every time he tried to run.

Thats something that I really don't want. Conservative treatment now, and easy recovery are going to pay dividends in the future. I really do not want to be sitting around in 7-10 months time bemoaning my fate that I can't run because of a minor issue that can be sorted out now.
I cannot say if I am being over cautious, but when it comes to long term health, and long term ability to get out in the hills as opposed to  a quick race that might be quite fun- long term wins out every time.

I would suggest that other runners with niggling injuries pay heed to the idea that resting and recovering in the short term is a far more cunning thing to do than "run through" an injury and regret it at leisure later on.

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