Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Quick workout

I sat down yesterday and worked out the next months worth of workouts. I'm trying to keep things sane so that i still have enough left in my legs for the racing. I'm not specifically going for Power, Strength, Power Endurance or Endurance, I'm mixing it up a little, perhaps not actually putting enough Strength work in, but at this time, I think that PE is a little more important, and once the racing season has passed us by, I will start looking at that in a little more detail.

So after a couple of days rest from the epic 15 trigs, I feel pretty much fine. I need to keep foam rollering my legs to keep them ok, I fear the ITB might end up tightening up something chronic, should I neglect it, but as long as I keep it real and remember to keep doing recovery practices, it will all be fine.

So today was a Burpee Breathing ladder. Last time I did this I managed to get to 12 before blowing up and having to go back down, so 15 was the target today - being timed as well, not so that I can try it again some time and beat it- but for reference.
The problem with going faster and faster is that you start losing form- the issue is 2 fold- not doing complete reps and timing it gives a false time that you can beat by slacking on form- which is most definitely not the point- also, bad form is the easiest way to pick up a niggle which can turn into an injury. Not a great idea. Training is there to supplement your sport, not to replace it, nor to overshadow it, and getting injured while training is stupid and careless.
In the midst of a race... now thats a different matter altogether.

So I did a 1-15-1 burpee breathing ladder in 23:15. 225 burpees, and really started feeling it at about 11 on the way back down. All good fun though.
Finished off with 15 reps of DL and 2x10 front squats with the Slosh Pipe.

Short run with the Harriers this evening, should be amusing, and I'll certainly be taking it easy.

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