Monday, 25 July 2011

Strength and Performance Gym Session 2

Headed to S&P today for our second session- first full one after the "testing" session.
We warmed up in much the same way, foam rollering, static and active mobilisations. I had a few extra stretches and mobilisations to work on because of my pretty terrible range of movement around the shoulder and hips.

The warm ups were an excellent chance to get more blood circulating in areas where there isn't normally good circulation - That means more nutrients are getting to places that aren't used to being used. A very good thing. Muscles and tissues should not be stagnant, but should be flushed through with good stuff as much as possible to keep them healthy and in good working order.

Because of my shoulder issue my training consisted largely of rehabilitation movements, but in some cases with weight. Basically we are looking at getting a few muscles which aren't used to being worked, into the idea that they actually need to be recruited for more movements than they are being used for at the moment. The reason my shoulder hurts is because the main prime movers are doing ALL of the work, and the smaller stabilising muscles just aren't doing any of the work. Thus, a lot of the movements that I'm doing are aimed at getting the smaller muscles working again.

This generally means that for the next 5 weeks or so, I'm going to be going through a foundation workout. It's not something that is going to knacker me out like a "home workout" would. Nor will it look particularly good on paper. It's not meant to.
These foundation weeks will help attain a good all round fitness and a musculature that is functional and able to be built upon in a number of different ways. It will hopefully iron out any imbalances I have, and enable me to be more biomechanically efficent.

Having said that, Sean tried to wear me out with a few turns on the Prowler at the end. 3 laps was easy, the 4th was a little harder, but I think I got used to it since last session.
I suspect that next session its going to be a whole lot harder at the end. We'll just have to wait and see.

    8x Goblet squat (10kg)
    6x Pull up
    12x elastic band Lower Trap contraction

    12x Romanian Deadlift (with 2x12kg)
    10x Prone Lower trap row (7.5kg)
    Plank (1min)


   10x KB swing (12kg)
   10x scapula pushups

then 4 rounds on the Prowler with 1 min rest between each

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