Saturday, 16 July 2011

Burpees and a bruised heel

So you may or may not have read the blogpost on Global therapies about the Bamford Carnival race where I came 26th, all rather exciting- but I was getting pretty severe pain under my right heel on the final descent. Having looked at the state of the ground when we got there, I realised immediately that I had the wrong choice of shoe. Not that I had a choice, my 268s had died on my on the 15 trigs, so all I left was a pair of baregrips.

Running downhill in barefoot shoes on hard hard ground, especially ones with massive lugs on them meant that the grips were being forced into my heel. It felt like a big blister was forming, and by the end it was really hurting. It looked like a blister was forming, but it wasn't, it then looked like a blood blister, but it wasn't. In the end, it was quite an impressive bruise. Right on the base of the heel. Ouch.
The bruise
Had I had a pair of shoes with a little less aggresive grip on the bottom, that might not have happened, and if I had the 268s, I certainly would have been wearing them for the race. Oh well. I can still walk on it, but running is certainly out for the moment. I was meant to be taking part in the trigs to track 1 mile downhill time trial today, and maybe even Holme moss tomorrow- a 17 miler, which sounds really good fun, however, I still don't have any other shoes apart from the Baregrips, and either of those races, although they sound amusing, will hurt a lot- and not in a good way.
So running is not going ahead at the moment, looking at the long term. Having said that, I think it will have gone down sufficiently and the new shoes will have arrived in time for Shining moss on Wednesday... so I suppose that I should really say, its a brief hiatus to manage injury and make sure I don't turn it into a long term niggling overuse injury.

Having said all that I had quite a good hard session yesterday- Prison burpees. 20 through to 1 with a 20-30 second rest between each set. By 17 it was getting hard, and the final few were quite fun, but it was all done in 20mins and 10 seconds.
Considering that I have had adductor issues in the past, and I wasn't sure if it was from the burpees, I made sure that I warmed down suitably. Today I don't seem to be feeling any bad effects, so thats all a good thing.
So its a day of watching the Tour de France.

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