Sunday, 10 July 2011

Hill reps- testing the adductors

Went out for a brief run today, checking out how my adductors were feeling. And also to check just how bad I am at hills.
As it turns out, I'm pretty rubbish at them. The idea was to go up Lightside 4 or 5 times, see how it goes and then work my way home nice and gently. Lightside is a longer hill than I anticipated. I didn't want to do long hill reps, but rather short, sharp lungbursting ascents, no more than 2 mins in length, just to really get my anaerobic system working and see how I cope with it.

I just went up to the first wall on Lightside, the first time was ok- though I felt pretty horrible going up. It was hot, humid and nasty. After the jog down, I went up again, this time, it hurt, but I still managed to keep going to the top,
3rd time really really hurt. As in, I thought I wasn't going to make it to the top.
Last rep it was all I could do to keep going and I was nigh on coughing up my insides by the time I hit the top. I couldn't even jog down the hill even if I wanted to, the eccentric loading on my quads was just too much. Walking was pretty hard too- which was astonishing, normally I'm fine just rocking down hills no matter what state I'm in. It seems that going deep into the red in anaerobiclly up a hill is perhaps the hardest thing I can do in terms of running- and something I should probably stay away from during in a race.
Training is another matter altogether.

Train Hard.
Race Easy.
adductors were fine, looks like I might be able to race on Wed.

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