Thursday, 28 July 2011

Strength and Performance session 3

Started out with a long warm up, including all the lower trap activation exercises. I have noticed that my shoulder is hurting less now, (however, my neck is hurting a lot more- on the lev scap kind of area. Thats probably because its being used more than ever now, and taking up the slack that it should have been doing all along...)

The general gist of today was that is was the second of 2 sessions for the week. These sessions are going to be repeated for the next 4 weeks with various changes in weight and position in order to make them more challenging.
The first superset was repeated 4 times and included pull ups prone rows and lower trap activations.
Second superset was repeated 3 times and included KB swings and side planks, and, surprise surprise, more trap activations.

As a bit of a surprise at the end of the session (was fully expecting a prowler session) was the sled pull. 80kg on a sled, front pull, then a back pull.
I figured it couldn't be all that bad... but how wrong I could be.
Running forward with it was fine, not an issue really. After the turn around, pulling it back (running backward instead of fowards), was horrendous. Burning through the hamstrings and glutes, I could barely keep any speed going at all, but got through to the end.
5 sets, with a minute between each set. The final pull back was really really hard, but I managed to get through it. It felt like when I did the prowler the first time. However, I didn't collapse, I didn't sit down, I didn't lie down. Keep standing and keep breathing

It was a little difficult to walk down the steps back into the gym- jelly legs etc.
But. I'll be ready for the next session. Can't wait.

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