Friday, 22 November 2013


For those of you not doing Long Tour of Pendle tomorrow, the first of the WOATTS is going up.

The first one is just to get me/you used to the idea.
You can make it as long or as short as you like, and do it at anytime.

Offroad route
Start/finish is Glossop Turning circle, visit any 3 aircraft wrecks.
Thats it. Pretty easy if you want a short run, but if you want a longer run, think about the Sabres over at Kinder, the Liberator on the path up from Harry Hut, there is a crash site on Sykes Moor which is quite fun to find if you want a navigational challenge, there are also a couple up over by Bleaklow stones way, and a couple of obvious Meteor (the plane, not rock falling from the sky) wrecks on Black hill.

On Road route
A simple one.
Start/finish Leisure Centre in Glossop, touch the wall of 5 pubs with an animal in the name.
Let us know which pubs you have chosen. It could make for an interesting exercise in pub knowledge.
Note- the pubs have to be still in existence as pubs - you can't go saying that such-and-such was called "The Dogs Nose" back in the 1820s so therefore it counts... because it doesn't.

I won't be awarding points for pints drunk on the way around either.... this is meant to be training, not a pub crawl. (If you are a racing snake, and WANT to make it a pub crawl, feel free as I hope it will slow you down for next year).

First Woatter. Or, Watter, if you will.
Pubs round
Nev McGraw - Old Glossop Bulls head, Beehive, Hare and Hounds, Grey Mare, George and Dragon, Wrens nest. Approx 7.05 miles, in 63.31.
Word on the street is the road from Hare and Hounds to Charlesworth is "Dodgy As" during the day, and probably even worse at night. (as you'd expect, I hope) - it is Not Recommended.

Be careful out there, and don't do anything stupid. Its only running, you know.

I went out and did the 3 wrecks. Lancaster on James's Thorn, Skytrain in Ashton Clough and the B29. Dark. Thick as a bag. Got lost. Had to use a GPS to get back to the Trig point(!) I think I may be able to do it faster next time. Main aim- walking ascents.
11k 529m ascent, 1:11:08. GPS track is on Strava

2 Woatts today.
Anthony Walker - who did 3 wrecks, and then some, visiting the Skytrain, Lancaster, B29, Bolton Defiant, Blackburn Botha AND the Blenheim before heading off via Cockhill.
19.4km. 583m ascent, 2:14:21 GPS track Here

Me again - B29, Sabre, Liberator. But with a lot of faffing around on the North Edge of Kinder as well. Never visited that Sabre before, either.
28.7km. 1251m ascent. 3:06:00. GPS track Here (didn't exactly go from turning circle and back to it, but its close enough).

Rachel Walton went out on the Road WOATT for marathon training, passing White Hart in Mottram, the Harewood(?) Arms in Broadbottom, the George and Dragon and the Grey Mare in Charlesworth, Hare and Hounds in Simmondly, Beehive in Glossop, Bulls Head in Old Glossop, very nearly gave up and went for a pint in the Peels in Padfield even tho its not an animal, and the Bulls Head in Tintwistle. 14.5miles. 
Nicely done Rachel. 


  1. Some dodgy animals in the above list! A dragon is a mythical beast, not sure how many actual White Harts exist and a Beehive is the home of a swarm of bees not an animal at all. Bees also which probably qualify as insects not animals!

  2. Wow...animal pedantry. Excellent. Run an animal woatt that is better, (or more true to your animal definitions) then you might have a pedantic leg to stand on. :-p

    1. Zephr
      Please accept my apologies for the earlier comment. Being new to running and wanting to attempt a particularly hard fell race, hard for me that is, I visited your site for inspiration and courage which I found. I think your site is excellent and my comments were my crass attempt at light hearted banter which as usual for me fell woefully short of the mark. I did not intend to pour scorn on your or your fellow contributor's efforts and once again apologise profusely.

  3. No problemo - sarcasm and banter does indeed tend to leave something to be desired on computer based interaction. No offence taken.
    Hope you get the inspiration, adventure and courage that you're looking for.