Saturday, 30 July 2011

Black hill

Out for a walk today, nav practice, looking for a few plane wrecks and some distinctive navigational features on the hill.
First up was a shelter on the north side of the hill, then over to a downed Sabre, bearing off to a trig point.
On the way over to the trig point we came across a Swordfish wreck- and right next to it, a short eared owl. It was about 4ft away from me, staring with big orange eyes.
Then it flew away.

From the Swordfish we went directly to the trig point, then down to a couple of spot heights and onto a couple of wrecks of Meteors.
2 wrecks, and a lot of wreakage.
Found a good few trods around the areas, walked over to a rocky out crop, then down into a couple of cloughs and back to the car.
About 11km in all, and a good few hours out on the hill.
Time well spent.

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