Monday, 1 August 2011

Strength and Performance Session 4

Back on it today. Much the same as last Monday, but heavier.

The warm up and Lower trap activations seem to take a long time. I guess thats the point. I need to make the muscles work in the correct order, and educate them in the right way before I start working out. That way, the muscles fire correctly, instead of trying to do the wrong thing in the wrong order and end up straining themselves.

All good fun.
The Goblet squat was done with 12.5kg (12)
Pull ups- neutral grip, with chain round me (6)
Pull aparts (12)
4 sets


RDL at 14kg on each hand (12)
Neutral prone pronated rows 7.5kg each (12)- the hardest thing of the whole work out
1m plank
3 sets


Scapula push ups (12)
KB swings 16kg, then 20kg. (15)
2 sets

then 5 there and back on the prowler with 20kg on, All high except one which was low, but no grip- so went back to high. 1m rest between each run.
That was a bit of a jelly leg finale, but I reckon give me a week, and that will be fine again, and we'll have to up the weight.

Bradwell fell race tomorrow, then Cracken edge on Wed. All go this week!

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