Tuesday, 7 June 2011

short circuit

Had this one planned for a short while, but thought I'd change it slightly after an idea poached from a tweet by Mark Twight-

The general idea of this was to help me strengthen the quads in an unstable setting, while tiring myself out, so that the muscles could get used to stabilising when not fresh.
After a warm up I was doing split squats on balance hedgehogs- slow, concentrating on form, then 5 burpees, followed by step up and step downs onto the hedgehogs,
times 5.
which was pretty good- it certainly got various muscles around the knee going, and not the normal ones. I could definitely feel it coming toward the end of the session.

After the balancey part of the workout (with the burpees at in the middle, to slightly stress the aerobic system), I had 10 Turkish Get Ups to complete- the original idea of this was just to do it with a kettlebell- only a 12kg- (mainly because I dont have a heavier one)- however, MFT mentioned alternating weight with a cup of water to balance between gross and fine muscle movements.
Most amusing, and certainly one of the more interesting ends to a short session.

Nope- Im not trying to kill myself with weight, Im going for refinement of skills. Going hard is the right answer less often than you might think.

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