Friday, 3 June 2011

The Pain Stick

So I've gone down to Wickes and bought a tube of 10ft guttering, and got a couple of rubber stop ends with hose clips from some random place on ebay.

Thats right, slosh pipe.
I don't have nearly enough money to go out and get an olympic barbell with all the bits and pieces associated with it, and I'm not about to spend a load of money to join a gym in the middle of summer when I can be outside running about the place doing silly things, especially with cash flow the way it is, so for less than £20 I got hold of these.

and turned them into this...

Not exactly difficult, I think you agree, and filled with 3 litres of water (at the moment, until I get used to the way it all sloshes around in there), it presents a bit of a challenge when doing the fairly normal and functional movements that I've been missing.

I suspect that within a month, I may begin to think its too short, but that might be offset by the fact its not the easiest thing in the world to grip. I can add a load more water to it as well, which- although it won't make it as heavy as an olympic bar with weights on it, the sheer awkwardness will make it an interesting thing to play around with.
Right, I'm off to find my training schedule to find places in which to fit it in over the next few weeks.
Muchos fun.

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