Tuesday, 14 June 2011

DOMS and then a run

Yesterday I did a bit of a workout-
a pyramid of 1-10-1 tyre flips, burpees and medicine ball slams. Then chased it with 4 and 8 OHS. (one arm)

I didn't really warm down all that well, and I certainly didn't engage in any recovery practice. This morning I was definitely thinking oops.
Spent the day slightly stiff, especially in the adductors, and also in the Lat Dorsi, particularly on the right. Somewhat paradoxically I then wrote a blog for Global Therapies on recovery practices...

This evening was a lovely little run with the Harriers. Still feeling a little stiff I stretched out a little and jogged down to the start point. We headed out to the actual start point in Crowden and went out over the hills. I loosened up considerably as we went up the hill. Did a little bit of interesting route finding up onto the tops and over to rollick stones, and then a brilliant blast across the top. Peaty, heathery, bog-tastic stuff. I nearly lost a shoe a couple of times- even though it was tied on very securely indeed.
The views were spectactular going down the valley into Tintswhistle and beyond.

I was trying to stop myself from going too overboard. There is a race tomorrow over at Kettleshulme, which could be fun. Im also looking at Kinder Trog on Sunday... So it was a bit annoying when I landed on a rock a bit hard in the middle of my foot, and slightly bruised it, but hey-ho, we carried on carrying on.

Part way down the path, Julien decided that it wasn't exciting enough and elected to plunge down the side into the valley and hit a small path at the bottom. The majority of the party didn't follow and went off down the path.
I looked at it, and thought.. well, I'd go down it on a snowboard. Why not? The descent, although not fast, was challenging and very fun- we wern't as fast getting off the hill as the party that carried directly on, but it was excellent practice at steep stuff.

The paths back over and through were rather tame, and it ended with very much a trail feel to the run. just under 12km in the end. A good little leg stretcher.

And this is a link to the route

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