Wednesday, 15 June 2011

argh, my adductors

Felt really good after the run last night, but there is still residual pain in my adductors. I was planning on heading over to Kettleshulme this evening to take part in one of the mid-week counters for Glossopdale, but throughout today my adductors have been giving me a fair bit of grief.

It hasnt got to the point where I can't actually walk, but having treated a guy a couple of months ago for really bad tendinitis in the adductor longus, I know that I told him to rest- and I know that he didnt, and it just got worse.
So. rest.

To begin with, active rest, massage in sidelying position, with various techniques to stop it hurting so much, followed by some proprioceptive muscular work to switch off some of the sensory endings in the adductors so that they don't stay in their shortened state.
And then rest.

I was going to head over to Kettleshulme for a fell race this evening. Its a mid-week counter for the club, however, if I were to do that the adductors would get worse, would take longer to heal, and I'd keep doing the same thing. waiting for it to heal, then going and running and heading straight back to square one. So intelligence prevails this evening. I'm not racing, I'm going to go out on a short casual bike ride with some friends. Chilled out and non-weightbearing.

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