Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Just, Well, Out

Spent the past couple of days, not necessarily training, but just out and about with a couple of friends who came up from London.
The first day didn't see the best weather in the morning, so we headed out for a run up over Shelf Moor- kind of following the Shelf Moor race route- which is going to be run in Sept/oct time.
I found out today that we did it in the wrong direction... in which case I really really need to work on going up hill. The one we came down would be a totally horrific slope to run up... If I could RUN up it as opposed to having to stop to walk during the race, it would be rather superb.

So we headed out for a run up there. The wind was blowing like crazy- must have been gusting force 8 up there by the trig. We headed over to Overexposed, and also saw the remains of the Lancaster that went down just around the corner from there as well.
As mentioned, the run down the hill was somewhat fantastic, though a little stoney at times. I was wearing the 268s again, as the path at the beginning and end of the run would have played havoc with a pair of Baregrips.
I need something that is slightly inbetween them. It may well be the x-talon, but I haven't had a chance to try them out yet.

On the way back, I managed to run up the side of Shire hill- I could barely speak by the time I got to the top- and could not have run uphill much further- hence more hill training...
The afternoon saw better weather, and we grabbed a load of climbing gear and headed up to Wormstones. (I managed to get a bit of training in by carrying my rack and 2 ropes up there).
We set up a couple of topropes and messed around for a few hours, and were quite astonished when it turned out to be 7pm.

A hurried pack up and stroll down, then to the pub (The Wheatsheaf, if you must know), for their rather delightful food, and Wrens Nest on tap.

Sunday involved being fairly sedentiary for a lot of the day, and then at about 4pm we headed over to Hayfield to wander up and down Kinder. We passed a few people who seemed to be a little perturbed that we were setting off so late in the day (there was still 5 hours of daylight left) and without Hiking shoes (shock horror). Nope- inov8s all the way.

Again, fairly blowy on the tops, and the Downfall was being turned into something of an Up-blow, but the walk down the peaty trod was lovely and bouncey. Back home well in time for sunset, and a stew with dumplings. mmmm. and beer. and scrabble. Which I comprehensively lost.

Yesterday was an easy morning followed by a session down in Glossop Lesiure Centre climbing wall. The weather was horrible, and there wasn't a chance that anything would have been dry. I'd seen the wall before, but not been there to climb- its a 1990 Bendcrete wall, with a couple of screw on discs- but mostly crazy features (all of which are numbered).
We played add-on in the 3 sectors, and generally knackered ourselves out. I knew there was a list of problems somewhere, but the centre staff didn't know anything about it.

However, after a quick search about on the internet for it, I found out where it was and obtained a copy. There are a LOT of problems on that wall, ranging from 4c to 6c (British tech), so my winter days and evenings are going to be challenging to say the least!

There we go. Im now having a rest day, catching up with everything here, and on Global Therapies and waiting for the parents to arrive...
got a race tomorrow, so look out for the report on the Global therapies site.

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