Friday, 20 May 2011


So I was invited to go over to a friends house to train with him- he has some free weights, and I need to get my lifting technique better- so I said yes.

My long term overuse shoulder injury appeared to have died down, and I've been climbing a couple of times without any issue- so hey- it should be fine.

We followed his general routine, which was fine, I just wanted to get into the groove again- knowing that after a fair old time out, I was going to be pretty rubbish at it.
We started with Bench press, went on to tricep curls, bicep curls, military presses, press ups and sit ups.
You may have noticed that there are quite a few variations of presses there, and that is part of my downfall.
It seems to have aggravated a bit of tendinitis in the right shoulder, which really hurts at the moment. There is a more technical description of what I have done over on

So the key for today is DON'T go straight into something that you're not used to.
Its intelligent advice, and advice that I give out to people all the time. I wish I followed it, then I wouldnt be back at square one with rehab bands, ibuprofen gel and concern every time I lift my arm above shoulder height.

on the up side, I can spend more time running.
Lantern Pike on Sunday- thats a short fast blast in the park- and I'll be writing up the race report on the Global Therapies site later on.

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