Thursday, 19 May 2011

Training ride- just a short one

So as Im going out with the Harriers this evening, I thought that I'd better not do anything too crazy today- but I definitely needed to get out this morning as the sun was out, the birds were tweeting, and, well, it would have been rude not to.

Also, I have had a slight twinge in my back- but more of that in a different place- so i wanted to have a quick stretch out of that as well.
So I decided to have a quick blast around the Monks road circuit- but backwards, so that the 20% hill was a downhill rather than an uphill. (cheating you may say, but I didnt want to blow my legs out this morning if Im heading up to Downfall this evening with a load of masochists as well).

Off I went on my Allez Elite, in my mountain bike shoes and baggies, with a baggy t-shirt- yes, I looked a right sight, but what the hey.
Glad to report that I feel pretty good, I know it was only a short one, but taking the route that way round was quite an intelligent thing to do.
Only out for 40 mins, but now Im at home with a new computer, Im having a quick look at Garmin Connect. In the past I have been using the general Garmin download programme- which is pretty rubbish, but quite good for getting all the stats you need, and then looking at the route/ general bits and pieces in Sportracks.
Ive just downloaded the latest Connect, and so far it looks pretty good. The only thing that appears to be missing on a cursory overview is the ability to completely cross-reference between activities. You can do so to a point, but it would be good to be able to overlay them together on a map/graph thing and play them together to see where you are gaining/losing time.

Maybe this actually exists, and I just havent found it yet.
More playing with is needed I feel.

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