Thursday, 5 May 2011

night nav

Decided at about 10 last night that I should wander out for a bit of night nav practice. It was meant to have been a rest day, but the evening was just so nice that it had to be done.
I dithered around for a bit looking at places to go, and whether or not I should actually do it, and finally walked out of the door at about 1130.

Walking out over Shire hill I noticed a light where, really, there shouldnt have been a light, and as I was walking along the path 2 random people (one of which was attached to said light) wandered over to me asking if I was ok and whether I was lost. Good public spirited citizens, evidently. But dressed in (bad) camo, and one with mud smeared on his face.
They told me that "tonight is a bad night to be out- if you take my meaning".
uh- no. Its a beautiful night, theres a bit of cumulostratos- no sign of rain, the wind has died down, and theres visible stars as there is no moon out.
"Theres a cougar out there, the park ranger told us just now that theres been a sighting this afternoon"

Right. Whatever.
I entertained them for a short while and then said- right Im off up to Bleaklow, cheers guys.
To which- their parting shot was "youre effing mental mate".

After which I got promptly and significantly lost.
Found myself on the far side of Shire hill, on the steep part- re-oriented myself and bashed downhill, across a stream and back onto the path that I was meant to have found.
So lost, and found again.

I had planned a grand massive tour of the area using rails and bearings, but considering that I had just got lost in a wood, somewhat curtailed my ideas of what may or may not be possible this evening. Starting out with a bearing, it wasnt too bad as I ensured I had a handrail to hit should anything go awry- it did. I hit the handrail, and I found myself, eventually, and was back on track.
This was generally the story for the rest of the time out. Knowing where I was, building in a fair amount of redundance into where I should be heading, and then using up that reduncance to get where I was meant to be going.

So, my bearings need to be tightened up significantly, and I need to trust myself a bit more, and not try to second guess what Im doing. (that just leads to mistakes), and not worry about cougars. That last one should be pretty easy to do I think.

The MHW Dragon jacket was damn good though. Only when I was moving though, as soon as I stopped it got a little less warm- didnt feel the wind so much in terms of coldness, but I did feel it in terms of pushing against me- odd thing to say, but its pretty much what I mean.
ME Combin pants, still doing a sterling job. Well worth every damn penny, even if they are a little old and "bobbled", not found a better trouser yet.

Just waiting to take delivery of my new compasses. (not that they'll make me a better navigator, but it'll be a bit easier without airbubbles in the casing...)

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