Friday, 20 May 2011

Training- out with the Harriers again

Yesterday with the Harriers was a bit of a rare one apparently. We had about 20 people out- whether this was because we were scheduled to head to the pub afterward, there is a race on Sat and all the really fast runners were staying at home to rest their legs, or just because it was a lovely route, I don't really know.We headed out from the Carpark just below Kinder, up past the reservoir, and up to the Mermaids pool. (just beyond there we crossed paths- quite literally with the Pennine guys- and almost acquired a rather nice Collie which got confused as to which group of runners it should be following.
On we went, keeping a nice slow and steady pace over to the Downfall, and a variety of lines were taken up to the top. I favoured the short and steep scrambling, whilst others preferred the less steep, (but not leisurely at all) walk up the side.
By this time it had taken us a fair old while to get where we did- waiting for some of the slower runners, which, to be fair, wasnt a problem really.
My legs were feeling like lead, and Charlie was hammering out in front in a way that I just couldnt keep up with.

After re grouping around the top of the fall, a general consensus was made to head along the B route and back down to the pub. Although the A route would have been nice, it would have been another couple of hours or so in the running, and people had to get back for trains etc.

The run along the top was good fun- practicing my speed on rough ground work- I still need to get out and do 1km/100m ascent hill practice... - but this was neither the time nor the place. And the final downhill section was glorious- thrashing through peaty paths, and down over deep heather. It seems that my downhill speed is fine for a short amount of time, and then I have to reign it in again- I think it must be the CP system kicking in for about 15 seconds before it runs out of Creatine Phosphate, and I have to slow back down again in order to use Aerobic capacity.
Halfway down the hill we (or rather someone else... I was down the hill and had to run back up it to see) found a stone which had been carved- but it was upside down- so the carving was face down on the floor on a 1/2 ton rock.
Luckily there were some strong people in the group- who managed to lever it up so we could have a quick look at the carving.
So I took a picture of it.
Then we hammered down the hill and over a meadow and down through the wood back to the cars. In the long tradition of fellrunners everywhere, we went to the pub.
It was great to have a bit of a social run, out with 20 other people, talking and relaxing, and even better to have some time at the end in the pub.
I wouldnt want to do that every week, but it was great to do it this time.
Still dont know everyones names though....

and here is a link to the garmin connect page- if it works, and if youre interested.

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