Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Walsh shoes

I have my first pair of Walshes.

We were down in London for a day before heading back up to our new stomping ground, and wandered into London City runner when Ms destruction noticed a couple of pairs of old school fell shoes decorating the bottom of the bargain wall.

The Comp shoes were in her size and the general shoes were in mine.
a tenner each!
done, and done.

Obviously I know im looking at tech which is a fair few years old, and the current walshes may or may not be like this, but from first impressions, they are well constructed, the heel cup looks like a nightmare, the insole is something that needs to be thrown away (and replaced with superfeet), and when I wear them, it feels like I am about 1/2 an inch taller.

After going for a bit of a test walk/jog in them, I did nearly go over on my ankle about 5 times, on relatively easy ground, so i think that should I begin to wear these for more serious running, I need to practice in them to get a better idea of where gravity works, and where it doesnt in relation to where im stepping.

The grip.
Well, whats not to like. Big spikes. Holes in ground. Wouldnt like to be slapped in the face with one.
Cant wait to get out there and try them out in anger. (whilst hopefully not twisting my ankle)

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