Monday, 2 March 2009


Ok, so I didn't go running over the weekend- well, once up to the hut, listening to the prodigy, new album. That was a mistake.
Made me run waaaay too fast.
Got up there in 22 mins, and back in 21.
Managed to sustain 3:21 min per km down the hill.

Sunday evening my heels hurt, contemplated going for a run, but decided to listen to them, and spent about 30 mins following the first 2 chapters of yoga for athletes. Starting with sitting and going through to tree pose. Seems that I can sit comfortably on the floor if I sit on a chambers dictionary a potato cooking book and a rice cooking book.
Apparently as my hips get less tense I should be able to sit lower, as it were.
Running up to the hut again tonight. Doubt it will be in 22 mins though!

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