Monday, 23 March 2009

slightly overdoing it

IOW, set out at 9am(ish) after inputting a load of Geocaches into a GPS- (my forerunner is down, having to be shipped back- again, and the one I borrowed, I neglected to charge up- doh).

Ran over to Beaper Shute, then to Knighton, all in good time, though the caches were a little hard to find.

From Knighton I went out along the dismantled railway, then south to Godshill, south again over the downs and then to Wroxall.
By this time I had covered over 20km and was beginning to feel it.
Started on my way back, instead of going up Shanklin down- that would have been a killer, and went back via America wood, apse heath and borth wood (where my water ran out), up into alverstone, (where a blister on my little toe popped), up over brading down, into brading, and back home.
38km ish. in 6 hours.
certainly took quite a bit longer than I thought it would, and was more tired than I imagined.
Mind you, I wasnt wearing compression shorts, and was drinking water rather than 4:1, and I would have been much faster had I not had to keep stopping for caches, and not had horrendous hills to keep going up.

was fairly tired at the end of the day, but at least I know I still have the mental fortitude to pretty much cane out a marathon.

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