Thursday, 19 March 2009

New toy and circuits

So my viper belt and bungee rope came today, very exciting (not least because it actually got delivered and the concierge didn't screw it up).

Went out and did reps of 10 x 5 interspersed with a mins worth of skipping. (That's about 160 skips, to be honest I went by skip count rather than minuite, to make it more accurate.
No breaks between either, which took about 17 mins all told.

Went onto a circuit consisting of 12 pressups, 10 situps, 8 burpees, 15 high knee running steps and then 12 double footed jumps onto a platform.
each circuit took about 2 mins, then 1 mins rest. Did that 6 times before total collapse.
except it wasnt total collapse, I could still do the press ups, but the rest of it escaped me.

then had a chicken kebab.
thought it was a little more healthy than fish and chips...

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