Monday, 9 March 2009

Im really quite fatigued (circuits, 8/3/09)

I was going to write about all the littrle runs Ive been doing recently but havent really logged- but I dont have my forerunner here at the moment.

Yesterday did a full blowout killyerself session with Jibber.
Started with a bowl of cornflakes, as you do.
Warm up run of about 4 km, just chilling out, then down to the tarmac outside the flat.
Break out the tractor tyre and the skipping rope.
track of about 20 metres which you flip the tractor tyre down, jumping in and out after each flip, while the other person skips continuously. (this was made somewhat more tricky by the quite stong wind).
Times 5.

short rest and then circuits.
15 x unweighted squats
12 x pushups
10 x sit ups
8 x burpees
20 x high knee steps
12 x jump onto a platform.
rest for haf the time it takes, and then do again until 30 mins is up.
I think we managed about 5 or 6 rounds on that, taking between 2:30 and 3mins for each circuit.

went into the gym where the heat was oppressive in the extreme.
the idea was to do rounds of 2 mins on the bike and rower at 115rpm on the bike and less than 1:50 on the rowing machine x4.
we managed it x2 before nearly collapsing from heat and lack of air, and I nearly passed out on the rowing machine. I think I might need some practice on that.

came out again, and did tyre flips while the other did planks. (left, right for one flippage, and then front/back for 1 flippage)

final task was to jog up to the top again, then find a kilometre circuit, and run it as fast as you can- ideally under your normal 10k pace, rest for half the time, and then do it again, until youve run 6 km.
Managed a 4:24, 4:24, 4:30, 4:29, 4:31 and then we called it a day as jibber wasnt going any faster than normal, and the weather was beginning to close in.

so thats 3.5 hours of exercise.
I ache today, in all kinds of new places Ive never actually felt before, but a good precedent.
Im thinking of all kinds of vicious circuits to do which will surprise my body more- never do the same thing twice.

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