Sunday, 15 March 2009

DAR Dorset

Up early on Sat to get down to Dorset for the second DAR of the season. My hand is indeed fixed, so we were actually in competitive mode, for the first time since last october.
Weather was good as we hooned down there, and once down in the valleys of dorset, found there was a fair headwind apparently coming in from the north west-ish.
We knew we were going to cycle second, electing to kill our legs first and then sit and pedal second.
We also had a plan to do about 70% on each discipline, as getting 100% on one is a silly idea if you are then totalled before you even start the second.

Off out on the running, and the hills, although not massive, were numerous, the first 10km was done in about 1 hour- or just over. pace then slacked off significantly and the next 10 km was done in 2 hours.
nothing to do with navigational errors, just more rests, slower pace, and less ability.
The first load of checkpoints were literally clip'n'go, but at later stages, we were using the time to have a breather.
Note for training, try longer- 2 hour runs keeping the same pace up all the way around, without slackening off.
Got back from the run, a little tired, but not battered, collecting a sneaky 10 pointer just as we got back, filled up on nutrigrain elevenses- a test to see if they provide the same kind of power as vomit inducing soreen, filling up camelbaks with water instead of the 4:1 we had on the run and headed out on the bikes.

The first hill was piainful.
beyond painful. I havent been on a bike since Christmas, or maybe before, certainly not in anger, anyway.
however, as we continued on, our legs got into it, and our average speed improved as we went along.
Tried to keep off claggy mud tracks and strength sapping grass "bridleways" finding that its often faster to take a detour, just to keep on roads, rather than battle it out along the churned up mud.
This worked out well on a couple of occassions, but out around around point 18, it screwed us up, looking back on it, it took us 4 km out of our way, cost 30 mins or so, and we should have just bitten the hard end and gone up the clag.
the long and short of it was we got to a point where we could have gone south and picked up about 60 extra points, but we just didnt have time.
without that mistake earlier, I think we could have done it.
the final uphill to point 2 on a grass track was hell on earth, not nice, and I thought I was going to die of a heart attack, however, got there and down, with about 4 mins to go.
715 points.
2nd out of the 5 male pairs and 13 out of a total of 27 competing.
not bad for a first competitive ride out since october, especially without bike training.
So thats the focus for the next couple of months.
oh, and the new thumb compass was brilliant.

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