Tuesday, 27 January 2009


As I cant cycle for the moment, as has been exhaustively documented, I decided to run up to Explorers instead- loosen up a little from the weekend. 

Took about 25 mins or so, which, with a backpack, isnt too bad at all. 

Not having my Garmin is really getting to me now, as I cant really quantify anything. Called them yesterday and apparently there had been some kind of hold up. They neglected to say what the hold up was, just that there was a hold up. From my calling them, it was sorted in a couple of hours.

If I HADNT called them, how long would they have waited to sort it out? Considering it arrived there not last friday, but the friday before... goodness only knows. Not exactly covering themselves with glory. 

However, a new one is apparently on its way. It had better be. 

Physio this morning. Hand still swollen. He recommended getting an X-ray, just to rule out the possibility of a broken hand. You never know after all. 

So I tried calling Pruhealth, who told me that a physio couldnt refer me, I have to talk to a doctor, who then writes it on a bit of paper. I call PruHealth and tell them he's written it on a bit of paper and they let me go for an X-ray. 

The bit of paper doesnt actually go anywhere, or do anything from what I can understand, so whats to stop me from just calling back and saying Ive done it?

Really. I think these guys are a bit too cowboyish for my liking...

DAR- we didnt come last! we completed the run- and there was 1 person that didnt complete the run and retired- so we didnt actually really come last. 

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