Wednesday, 7 January 2009

I hate Gyms

Warmed up on a rowing machine for 5 mins at about 2:30 per 500m, then jumped on a bike- managed 10 mins at level 13, 10km at 102rpm, before feeling like I was going to throw up, hit a HR of about 180.
Stretched out hamstrings and then moved onto a running machine in the much much cooler room (rather than sweating like an idiot in the room with all the TVs and music and crap), and managed 10 mins on the highest incline varying between 8, 6 and 3kmph.
Hit an HR of 188 at 2 points on the 8kmph sets- and by the end I was kind of getting into it, but felt like death.
Why is it that running and biking outside is so much easier than inside? wierd.
Was doing it all to a 164bpm Podrunner mix- which is definitely the way forward indoors- block out everyone and everything else and just go for it.
I still hate Gyms though.

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