Friday, 5 December 2008

Hill training. 23/11/08

Rob came over- after a few glasses of wine on the friday evening, really a heavy long day wasnt going to happen. 

Got up late, mooched around and then headed out to Greenwich park for a bit of hill (or as much of a hill as you can get in London) training. 

The idea was to keep the rhythm up as we went up steep hills, not to stoop, and to keep good posture as we climbed.

There is quite a good, short steep hill over to the right of the park as you come in the bottom gate, so using our inov8s to good effect, we launched up the hill- a rep took about 1.30 or so with peak heart rate coming out at 167 for me. Then a break as we walked down the hill to the starting point, and did it again. 7 reps, up the same slope, but varying routes up it. 

After the short, sharp hill drills, we went on to long hills- well, a convex profile instead of concave, and did 4 reps up that, and finished with a jog home. 

All in all a useful, aerobic session, which was pretty much stealth knackering than totally mindcrushingly knackering.

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