Friday, 12 December 2008

Knee Pain 10/12/08

Went out for a short run on Tuesday evening, just up the hill to Blackheath, and was intending on doing a circuit of the heath, nice and relaxed, taking it easy.
Got about 2.5km in and my right knee started hurting- nothing too much, just enough to think... ooooh.
then, within 500metres it was enough to think- ok, probably have to turn back before it gets nasty- that was just by the Hare and Billet.
By the time I was getting back to the edge of the heath I was walking and had to sit down because it was in so much pain.
This is pain below the kneecap, and also behind it. When I flex the knee there is a mild clicking in the joint, though not a real "click", more a feeling of a click.

got home- after only 4.23km, at an average of 5.10min/km and iced it.

Then to the pool and did 24 lengths, 3x4 at 2.16, then 1x8 at 4.32, and a final 1x4 at 2.08- not touching the ends, but swimming around at the end. All Crawl, no legs.

Home and massaged the knee with ice, after a while it actually properly clicked, but I suspect, no running for the next month or so, with ice massages everyday.

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