Friday, 19 December 2008


Went to the Physio yesterday to get a better idea of what is going on with my left knee. No training of any type has been going on since the last debacle, and I have been massaging it with ice on a daily basis. 

(a minor point, but since doing that, the circulation in my hands has improved no end! I wonder if something migh come of massaging ice into my feet... must try that at some point). 

There has been no pain from walking around generally, but I know that if I start running, there is going to be a lot of pain after a very short time. 

So I saw the physio, and after a short amount of prodding I was sitting there saying... yes.. that HURTS! There is some bruising under the kneecap, and the tendons are a little sore. This is coming from a slight variation in my gait as I get tired, which means that the kneecap is slightly out of alignment with my thigh muscles and associated leg movements- which, in turn, means that cartilige under the knee is rubbing in places it shouldnt be, and is, thus, becoming inflamed. 

After looking at my Cycling posture and running posture, I was pronounced to have pretty good alignment in general, though Id imagine that after 30Km of running offroad, its likely to suffer a fair bit. 

Also, my left quad is 1/2 an inch smaller than my right- doing 1 legged leg presses I can do about 80kg with my right and 70 with my left. (though both are pretty much a struggle). so much for ever actually weight training my legs...

The excercise I have been prescribed is a one legged squat- non-weighted- heel on ground through as much range of motion as I can- on my left leg, obviously. and no running until after christmas. Which fits quite nicely. 

Im still allowed to cycle, though I have to be careful to distribute power equally through both legs. 

didnt actually ask about snowboarding... but I'll be wearing a knee brace for that. 

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