Monday, 15 August 2011

Osteo follow up blog

The title of this blog is slightly confusing, now I realise that I have just typed it- its not about a follow up appointment, its simply about how things have progressed in the past few days.

After the session I felt fantastic, and things had been clicked, and all was good. I decided not to go for a run that evening, despite the fact I hadn't really been out for anything in the past few days and I was gagging for a bit of exercise. I actually had a long run planned for later in the week, something in the region of lots of miles, around the Peak district, but not solidly planned. I decided as my legs had been played around with a little, it was best to let them settle down, and not to go plodding away on them for miles and miles.

So I've pretty much had 2 weeks off running. (in the past couple of days I have been out walking with climbing gear on my back, and done a bit of climbing, including my first HVS, which was a bit of a bonus!

However, in the past couple of days, my right leg, the one that was slightly Varus, and was clicked back into place has been aching. Just down on the fibula- the site of Peroneus Longus and inbetween that and Peroneus Brevis.
Now, Im wondering if that has something to do with one of 2 things.
1 the leg is getting used to being back in its biomechanically efficient position and all the tissues and muscles and bits and pieces are getting used to being back in the correct place. As they are used to supporting it in one position, is this new position, although biomechanically correct, causing a bit of fatigue because the muscles need to get used to the position


2 the leg was clicked back into position, all the muscles worked out the best place to be pretty much straight away, and now all the biomechanical inefficiencies of my gait are beginning to work the bones back into the inefficient position, and the muscles are trying to stop that from happening.

So I don't know, but I have a race this Wednesday, and we'll just have to wait and see how it goes. That and training this afternoon... last week of the introductory phase of S&P.
All good fun.

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