Sunday, 7 August 2011

Dark Peak Roving Calendar box- August

We've been waiting for this to come out for a while, and as soon as it went live on the DP website, Lynne was there, printing it out and yelling at me.
(Which was quite good as I had just settled down for a quick afternoon nap, for want of anything constructive to do).
Excellent, break out the maps, look for the place which looks like the print out. We scoured Dark Peak and White Peak for about 20 mins, but to no avail- so we stopped, had a cup of tea, and then looked again - but with new eyes, and with a slightly different idea of shapes to look for on the map.

Within 5 minutes I had spied the most likely looking place, and with each check back and forth, yes, I reckon that is definitely the place.
That was last Wednesday.
Thursday was work, Friday was a washout, Saturday was out with the Parents.
Aha, Sunday- perfect.

Ok, so the weather wasn't the greatest, but I figured it would be a chance to try out running in a proshell. (yes, its hot and sweaty, no matter what- I really want a Neoshell to try out!). But thankfully the showers were just that, showers. The sun come out, the sun went in. Rain poured, and then didn't. It ran the whole gamut from delightful day to horrible rainstorm. But we persevered.

Up, over, around and down. The rock was very slippery, but as long as you were fully aware of what you were doing and where you were putting your feet etc. It wasn't bad at all. We kept up a fairly steady pace all the way up, which is testament to the training that Lynne is putting herself through at the moment.

After a fair while searching around the area that we thought it would be, we looked at another really obvious place, and mooched around for a bit. After a good 15, 20 minutes we were giving up hope... it HAS to be here, but where?
So we sat down and broke out some Rocky Road and admired the view.

Looking at where we had come from, we worked out how we would get back, and I decided to have one last look about the vicinity. Within 40 seconds.

We sat down and wrote in the book, it seems we are the 3rd or 4th lot to find it this month. There was a pack of rolos in there, so we had one each, and left a snickers bar for some deserving soul who may trek there from quite a way away.
We bobbed off home, happy that we found it, 3rd month in a row. All good fun, and certainly increasing my local knowledge.

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