Monday, 15 August 2011

Strength and Performance 8

Last week of the Foundation stage.
Not much to tell on this one to be honest.

I continued on with 2 sets of 2chain pull ups, and again just missed out on the final pull up. So after the final set I went back and got 2 more out of my arms, a little bit of progress, which is good.
Romanian Dead Lifts I am FINALLY getting the gist of. I ramped up to the next KB up for these this week, and certainly felt it on my hamstrings. Although they still feel a little awkward, the actual exercise no longer feels totally alien to me.

I think I'm beginning to build/re-educate the lower traps, as I'm no longer getting debilitating muscle pain there after each session as I was in the first 2 weeks. Body adaptation has certain begun, though I haven't upped the weights on the more "rehabilitative" aspects of the programme- keeping it more about making sure that I don't break something- and ensure that all aspects of the body are becoming stronger, not weaker through stupid and un-necessary injury.
As a finisher I did lengths of the Prowler on the minute every minute for 6, and I think Lynne took some photos. No idea where they are though, so I'll have a look through and see if I can upload them later.
found one

Felt pretty ok after todays session. Looking forward to next week and a new challenge.
Its true that after 4 weeks of doing the same thing you do look for a bit of variety, which is why setting out on a training regime and not changing anything is just going to get stale and boring, but changing things too much and too often mean that you don't actually get the benefit of continuous practice.

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