Saturday, 4 February 2012

Kinder run in the snow

Not a whole lot to say, except that it was a simply fantastic day yesterday. Barely saw anyone, it was a Bluebird day on the Kinder Ski resort.

First of all I ran over to Hayfield to meet up with the Glossopdale Poacher
Sunrise over snowy fields
Icy death trap of a footpath
Grouse, not expecting me to be there.
Running into Hayfield
Thankfully I had my Kahtoola Microspikes with me, and had no trouble negotiating the icy deathtrap that was the main path up over onto Millhill. The first part through the snow was fine, but as soon as I hit anything remotely like a main path it was sheet ice. With Microspikes, though, no problem.
I was a tad concerned that it was going to be horrendously cold, so I wrapped up warm, gloves on, the whole lot. Within a relatively short amount of time, I was taking off gloves and hats etc. Despite the below freezing temperatures, I was really quite warm. 

After getting to Hayfield, steaming away in the cold morning air, we jumper into the car and drove over to Mam tor to start the run proper. 

Beautiful view down from Mam tor into Hope Valley
Brown Knoll. Not quite so Brown.
We ran along Lords seat and then up toward Brown Knoll, a nice and measured pace, not hooning off too fast. There were a fair few tracks and a few cross country skiing tracks up there as well.
The Pagoda, last time I was up here I couldn't see more than 10feet in front of me.
   We ran down and through into the Woolpacks, glorious sun and fantastic views all the way through. At this point, the path was fine, if a little frozen. The sky was still fantastically clear, and lots of photos were taken.
Plane avoiding the Woolpacks.
Nice picture, shame about the aperture. The camera isn't so great that I could pick the aperture though... boo.
 Part way along the South edge of Kinder we began to come across a number of frozen rivers. They were completely iced up, like frictionless floes. I stuck my trusty spikes on, (if you do get a pair, remember which way round they go- I put on the pair on my right foot the wrong way out to begin with, all the spikes pointing INTO the shoe, and immediately nearly slipped over), once out the right way, I could walk, run, jump and generally be very smug when walking on sheet ice. Brilliant. 
So useful. I was bounding across sheet ice with confidence.
The Poacher Photographying
Contrails- I haven't seen them quite like this before
A very small ice cave. (About 30cm high before anyone starts getting excited)
 As we ran along we came across another runner, UTMB completer Helen from Pennine. She was running with some other guys from Pennine earlier on in the day, but on hearing that there were 2 guys from Glossopdale out, she immediately came to find us as we are much more hunky. (So The Poacher said), I'm not entirely sure I believe his reasoning, but its sound enough. Helen had a pair of Orocs on, so I had to take a quick geek photo of the micro studs on the soles.
We met Helen who was out with her Orocs. Nice and spiky
We ran with Helen for a while, and after we went our separate ways, The Poacher and I headed down into Edale valley, across and then up onto the ridge, onto Mam tor, and back down to the car. Just about 20km in the end, and 30km for me for the day. A fantastic day out, that can't really be put into words.
Coming off Mam at the end.
View East down into the Hope valley.


  1. you're getting a bit of a whore for taking photos of Oroc soles...!

  2. The whole spiky sole thing fascinates me. I like the idea, but can never really imagine them being amazing... More of a jack of some trades, and master of none.
    Haven't tried any, but would love to.