Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Isle of Wight

Running across 10 acre field
 Had a lovely time on the Island. The best photos seem to have mostly come from one early morning run. Just goes to show that is when the light is best.
Sunrise over St.Helens Harbour
 Some people call it Bembridge harbour, some people call it St.Helens harbour, in fact its the unsilted up remains of Brading haven, a Roman harbour.
Church of St.Helen
 The Church of St.Helen, now a sea mark for the haven. Traditionally it was a place where big ships came to shelter from storms. The still do, but I don't think its quite as spectacular as it used to be. Oil tankers etc aren't quite the same sight as I imagine tall ships and ships of the line to be. It is said that stones used to be taken from this church ruin to scour ships decks, and that is where the "holystoning the decks" comes from. St.Helens was also a place where the ships got their water from. They reckoned it stayed fresher for longer on long voyages. (Incidentally, I also heard this time that the water from the wells is fed by underground streams that make their way to the island from the Alps, and any water drawn is thousands of years old. Interesting).
The Frost on the bridge didn't quite come out

Trig point at about 30 metres above sea level

Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth. (no I wasn't running at this point, yes, I was on a boat)

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