Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Its odd how the mind works

Found out that another runner I know went over on his ankle before the weekend, figured it was just a sprained ankle. After a couple of days of it not going down, he was badgered into going to hospital where they found a helixical fracture of the fibula.

Flippin heck.
Found out that yesterday.
I was going to go for a run during the day but thought better of it. Lots of snow and ice all over the place, very likely to slip, fall and do myself a mischief. So I sat inside and did an hour on the turbo.

It got to evening and I hadn't really been out. Club night. I steeled myself, got some gear on, made sure my spikes were in the bumbag and went out. Wore the spikes all evening, there were times when they weren't needed, and times when they definitely were. However, the main thing holding me back at the beginning was the fear of falling and doing something horrible.
It didn't happen.

A lot of time its the fear in the head that holds you back. Occasionally its justified. Most of the time its not.

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