Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wander to Shroom rock

Lovely morning, after a blast out and around Cracken Edge Fell race route last night with Glossopdale, we decided that it would be a good idea to have a quick nosey around the Northern edge of Kinder, specifically Mushroom rock over on Fairbrook Naze.
We wandered down from the carpark half way up the Snake, down through the wood and came across some rather fantastic mushrooms and toadstools. I only had my phone camera on me, but managed to get a couple of semi-decent shots.
Looking up

So from that perspective, it seems that the search for Mushroom rock was potentially going to be quite a success.
At the bottom of the hill we wandered around for a while looking for a decent place to cross the stream, eventually deciding on the original place we looked at- but at least we had a very thorough look at all the options.
Along and up Urchin Clough (the second one of 2 that we now know), along a landrover track and up to the edge of Kinder.
From there, it was but a short walk to Mushroom Rock.
Again, not the best quality, but again, just a camera phone.
We came down Fairbrook clough and back along the stream.
Delightful, and a decent recovery day, tomorrow is, after all, another day at S&P...

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