Sunday, 4 September 2011

Garmin forerunner 305

So I've run 3 races in the past 3 weeks, and each and every time, my Garmin Forerunner 305 has turned off in the middle of them. One of them may have happened when I went over a stile, the resulting backward bending of my hand may have bumped the button and switched it off. But the other 2 times, and in the run with Matt and Rob, it seems to have switched off spontaneously.

Now, I'm not so much of a stat freak that I'm in a raging anger about not having my HR and pace stats to geek over at the end of the race, however, it is a bit annoying. Especially when it hasn't happened at all, ever, and then all of a sudden, in 3 races, at the end of the summer season, each and every time I've come in to the end, looked to switch off the watch, and, lo and behold, a blank screen.

Each time I have switched it back on, and looked where it turned off. Today, it was having none of it.
I've already deleted most of the records off the device, thinking that maybe it was excessive amounts of data that was making it crash. After today, it would seem that I was wrong.

So the next thing to do is hard reset, which is quite easy to do, but completely wipes the unit back to factory settings. Holding the mode and enter buttons and then switching it on.
Boom. Hard reset done.

So now I've done that, I'll have to get out and run with it, see if it works.
If it doesn't, next step, shouting at Garmin.
Fun fun fun.

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