Sunday, 5 February 2017

Mickleden straddle 2017

Just a couple of thoughts. Started out after about 6k of warm up. Maybe too much? Was fairly far down the field at the beginning and had to fight through about 40 people before being able to open up. Spent about 4km chasing down Chris, so I wonder if I burnt a few too many matches in the opening few km? Was happy going across the tops and was in 7th by the time I hit Slippery stones.

Was getting quite tired down the resers and then had to stop to tie a shoe before the ascent. The ascent was long and hard, couldnt justify walking, but my "running" wasn't really up to much and by then Chris had caught up to me and was neck and neck with me. Up to the top he gained about 10 metres and then I twisted an ankle and had to stick my foot into a bog for a minute before I could get on with attempting to run again.
The descent was long and it was a good few minutes before I got overtaken by a load of chasers. Ended up 13th which is pretty annoying considering without the ankle mishap I'd have easily been top 10. Not sure I'd have managed to beat Chris as I was feeling knackered, but there you go.

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